Cast Biographies



Ava Winter is an eighth grader whose mother and step-father are both high school music teachers. She’s seen their musicals as long as she can remember, and she even had a silent, tiny role in her mother’s production of Fiddler On The Roof. She took part in the middle school productions of Into The Woods (sixth grade), Bye Bye Birdie (seventh grade), and Frozen Jr. (eighth grade), along with being stage manager of Stage E3 in sixth grade. She adores singing, dancing, and acting, and has a lot of fun with it no matter the show. She’s very excited for the first ever digital production in middle school, and she’s so happy she got to be a part of the show. She thanks the directors and cast members for making the show happen, and she thanks the audience for…well, being a wonderful audience.

Juliana Meli


This is Juliana’s first time in the school play at NSMS, and she is so excited to be doing it virtually. She has been in tons of plays and musicals including Beauty and the Beast, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Peter Pan, Sasha and the Pearl and more! Juliana loves to sing and dance; she writes original songs and has danced since she was two. Juliana and her friend, Giuliana Zaccagnino, are starting a YouTube channel for TV shows since she loves acting so much! Juliana is so excited about this play since it will be done virtually, and she is so happy to be experiencing something new! Thank you!


Patricia, Andrew

Samantha has starred in many musicals, such as Frozen Jr., Typecast, Aftermath, Bye Bye Birdie, and much more. She has started doing musicals since she was 7. Her goal is to one day be a Broadway actress and live her dream on a stage in front of thousands of people. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her and everything she does, and she can’t wait to perform in 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine.



John Skamagas is a 6th grader who enjoys theater. Since he was in third grade, John attended school plays when he could. Even though he has never participated in a virtual spring play, John is still very excited to be able to participate. He is excited about being part of this new experience. Thank you!



Evie is super excited for this play. She was one of the Townsfolk in the musical Frozen Jr. She is finishing up 6th grade. She plays viola and and enjoys it along with singing and all kinds of music. She has not been a fan of social distancing. She wants to thank her parents, teachers, and friends who have helped her be a part of the play and survive life under quarantine.



Penelope Lonigro loves to be on stage and rock the role she gets. This is not her first time acting. She has worked in her theater group, Jazz Hands. She was in Beauty & the Beast (Villager), Guys and Dolls (Mimi), Mary Poppins (Winifred), The Little Mermaid (Ursula), and Bye Bye Birdie (Nancy). She was starting Shrek (Fiona) but then her director said they would do it in the fall. She likes to also sing and dance and act. She is excited trying a new theater group and can’t wait for the show. Thank you!  



This is Joshlynn’s first year being in the Spring Play of NSMS Masquers. She likes listening to music while she draws and works, mainly musical songs. Her favorite musicals include Hamilton, SIX, Heathers, and Mean Girls. She loves to draw, mainly character designs and reference sheets for stories she likes to write. It’s an honor to work with really amazing people that are so determined and dedicated to keep the play going!  



Genevieve Hudin has loved all the arts since birth. She has been in many plays such as The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Princess and the Pea, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Oliver Twist, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Frozen Jr. Theater is a way for her to travel to different worlds and look at life in a different perspective. Even though she has performed in many plays, this is her first time performing virtually. She would like to thank all the teachers who helped put together this virtual experience.


Marvin, Jeff

This is Mollie’s first middle school play (she has done a bunch of musicals though), and her first time doing a virtual performance (if singing songs at the top of her lungs on zoom calls with her friends don’t count). She loves theater, and always participates in her school play. She was in a weird play in elementary school where she was a German Grandma, was in NSMS’s production of Bye-Bye Birdie where she kept missing her cue, and she was Olaf in her middle school’s production of Frozen Jr., where she had to wear a hideous carrot nose and carry around a giant stuffed animal. Mollie is happy to be participating in this play, even though it means she has to clean a part of her room for her scene.

madison jairala


Madison has participated in both musicals of NSMS Masquers, but this is her first time acting in a play! She is very excited about performing with her fellow actors online. From making props from materials at home and doing Zoom rehearsals to perfect the play, Madison finds it very helpful making the days trapped in her house much more exciting. She would like to thank her very patient teachers who are helping her improve and the other actors so dedicated to making the play happen. The whole show is making quarantine more manageable.

ava maffei


Ava is a 6th grader who loves singing, dancing and acting. Ava performed with Jazz Hands Children’s Theater program for two years. She performed in Annie (Duffy), Beauty and the Beast (Silly Girl), Guys and Dolls (Adelaide), and Mary Poppins (Mrs. Corry). Her most recent role was Young Anna in the NSMS’s performance of Frozen Jr. Ava loves the arts, and it’s her dream to be on Broadway. Ava likes to play sweet, sassy, silly, and spunky roles. Ava would like to thank Mr. Chillemi, Ms. Vestuto, and Ms. Imbriale. Ava can’t wait to play other characters just as fun as Alison! 

Jessica Palen


This is Jessica’s first time in a play for middle school and definitely the first time doing a play online. Although she has never been in a play before, she loves acting. One of her favorite plays is Macbeth. I’m so lucky to have great teachers to direct this play.

Ava gibstein


This is Ava’s first year in NSMS Masquers and her first time doing a virtual play. Some of her hobbies are playing tennis, golf, and reading. Ava used to do a lot of acting and would be casted in many plays. Not only does she like acting in plays, she loves to see them too! Her favorites are Aladdin, Wicked, and Matilda. She feels very excited for the play and is excited for you to see it!

allie friedman


Allie has been doing NSMS Masquers for one year. She really enjoys theater and loves being in shows. Allie has been in productions such as Mamma Mia (Tanya), The Greatest Showman (Bearded Lady), Hairspray (Amber), and Grease (Frenchy). Allie also really enjoyed being in the NSMS Masquers production of Frozen Jr. as Middle Elsa. Allie believes this production is a great way to keep theater alive during these difficult times and is looking forward to this production!

Giuliana zaccagnino


Giuliana Zaccagnino caught the acting bug as a young 1st grader when she performed in her first school play. Giuliana has been in many plays through local theater such as Annie (July), Beauty and the Beast (LeFou), and Guys and Dolls (Harry the Horse).  This year, Giuliana performed in her first NSMS Masquers as Young Elsa in Frozen Jr.  Her sense of humor allows her to play silly characters well, but she also enjoys the challenge of dramatic roles.  Giuliana is excited for a new challenge and for the opportunity to perform in her first virtual play.  Giuliana would like to thank all the teachers involved for their guidance, and her friends and family for their constant support.

keira rechsteiner


This is Keira’s fourth year doing theatre. This is her first time acting in a virtual play, but she is still having so much fun. She has done plays in school, but also in separate groups, and enjoys them both. Some of her favorite musicals are Frozen, Hamilton, and Mean Girls. She is so excited for the production of this virtual play.

Joanna kim


Joanna is an interesting sixth-grader. She’s a complete book nerd and is obsessed with pretty much anything fantasy like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and more. She also loves writing and drawing and that really helps to pass the time in quarantine. She listens to Broadway often and likes to play songs from Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Newsies on the piano. She loves acting, but sometimes is a little nervous to be on stage. Nevertheless, she’s trying to get over that fear and be her weird, nerdy self on stage, and online.

Delilah McAuliffe


This is Delilah’s first time acting for the middle school, but she has been in more than 15 shows in her lifetime. She is a theatre FANATIC and will be in a play any chance she gets, especially in quarantine. Some of her major roles have been Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Kim Macafee in Bye Bye Birdie, Ron in The Cursed Child, PT Barnum in The Greatest Show, and Donkey in Shrek for October 2020! She will never pass up a chance to go to a Broadway audition, and it is also one of her dreams when she grows up. She is so excited to be in the production of 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine with the wonderful directors and fellow actors. Thank you!

Special thanks from The Directors:

Damien Chillemi, Noel Imbriale, & Diane Vestuto

Any theater production is the result of the skills and generosity of a great many people.

We would like to thank:

The parents and families of the entire cast: for rearranging schedules, and for doing everything it takes so your child can shine.

The playwright, Don Zolidis.

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

Dalia Rodriguez for working to ensure our production is successful and for helping us to create a meaningful theater experience for our talented students virtually.

Sharon Morello for all of her patient help with logistical elements.

Mr. Dennis and Mr. Nelson for keeping North Shore Middle School a place where creativity is supported, encouraged, and applauded.